Ventilator Care

Our Ventilator Care Program is designed for patients who have compromised pulmonary function and need ventilator assistance. Cambria’s professional staff — including certified respiratory therapists — design each patient’s care program based on his or her current abilities.

We provide 24/7 respiratory care, piped-in oxygen, and modern ventilator equipment which is smaller, to increase patient mobility. We work at the patient’s own pace, while providing encouragement. We welcome family involvement.
As treatment plans are implemented, the patient’s progress is continually monitored and modified.

Our comfortable, well-furnished suites provide a homelike environment, encourage interaction with other residents, and create a welcoming atmosphere for family and friends who visit.


  • Services are designed to promote the quality of life of each of our residents.
  • A comfortable, healthy environment
  • Portable ventilators
  • 24-hour respiratory care
  • On-site diagnostics and treatment
  • Direct access to tertiary care facilities
  • Adaptive equipment for special needs
  • In-house health services for convenient medical testing and treatment



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